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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have you ever looked up to the sky and instantly fell in love to it ? If you have not, you better do.
It all started, well about 12 years ago, I was reading "Anuradha'r Dekh" - Phanindra Kumar Dev Choudhury. I found a line about the sky and something about "you should have a look at it everyday." So, I came out of my room, and looked at the sky. Okay it is big, but then...what bullshit, I thought. Being a class VI/VII student I was interested in each and every book (Yes, I was kind of a geek, not now, but back then), cricket and Sachin Tendulkar(He was, is and will be my hero). So, naturally I did not feel a thing.

Then I got into the habit of collecting quotations (I was gifted a small, nice notebook by my eldest bro with micky mouse on it, which I preserve till date). And someday, I lay may hands on Anuradhar Dekh, flipped through it and copied some lines from it to my collection. I read my collection now and again, and some quotes I like so much that I read them over and over again and I manage to memorize them. That same thing happen to those specific lines about the sky.
Then I came to NIT Silchar, and a day did not pass without a party. So, as usual, I got drunk, went to the basketball court and slept there. Eventually dew drops had their refrigerating effect, and even if I don't know their COP, I was chilled to the bone and got up at around 6 am in the morning. I fumbled my pocket for a smoke, alas !! So what do I do, I tried to get up but the cold and alcohol did take their toll on me. I lay down again.
And then I saw the sky, it was clear and blue and for the love of God, a hell of a beauty.........
I felt somebody in a sweet voice is speaking calmly and poised, those lines, far far away.........
And I felt nothing for some seconds, the pain, cold, hangover everything was gone and I ran to the field to have a more expanded view of the sky. It was big, very big and... beautiful, and I was just speechless...
And that's how I fell in love with the sky. I still look at it and feel its beauty...


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