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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A review - Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots - is a book by Rashmi Bansal (famous of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and YouthCurry) about 20 entrepreneurs who did not have an MBA and still curved their way in business, and all of them exceptionally creative in their theme of business. A truly inspiring book where there is a dropout from college, a dishwasher and some IIT graduates taking big risks forsaking their seven figure salary are featured. The style of presenting the book is typical of Rashmi Bansal, you know it has to be her if you go through it.

I highly recommend this book, because it is truly inspiring in the sense that it has people you know from different aspects of life who overcame failure and made a mark enriching their own, and more importantly, other's lives. Like the guy who made the popular Tantra t-shirts and the owner and founder of Veta (spoken english tutor). Reading the book is like reading a popular and interesting short story collection, and a non-fiction seems as fiction. But soon, you hit the reality and know these people have really done that and not just you are through a optimistic bollywood movie like A Wednesday.

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