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Monday, September 14, 2009

You are an Engineer...

If you think Hrithik Roshan was cool in Dhoom 2 not because of his hairstyle, body or sexy outlfit but because he used scientific gadgets to do his works

If you prefer a sophisticated cork opener as your key ring than any fancy ones available in the market

If you feel irritated if your computer works for straight a week without any problem

If you have an e-mail account in every possible provider and you know all the passwords by heart

If you like a girl not because she is beautiful, but she's a mathematics freak

If you have more course materials in your computer than actual books and you don't read any one of them

If you have seen any technically fictious movie more than thrice, dont feel absurd and believe that someday that will actually happen

If the most frequent topic of discussion with your mates is whether man actually landed on moon

If you have a nightmare that global warming has destroyed the world and care for it more than your girlfriends illness

If you think Hrithik Roshan as Krishna in Krissh is not as cool as Rohit in Koi Mil Gaya

If you envy somebody for his sophisticated calculator

If you have ever said to a girl " You fascinate me more than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus." and you know you are lying

If you are a complete caffeine addict and wonder how people survive without coffee or tea

If 3 AM is the usual time you go to sleep and you have seen the sun rising through you window because that day you were busy working with your new CAD package late night

If you hate politics but think Abdul Kalam is a cool president for India

If you think your girlfriend will fall for your friend coz he owns a computer better than yours

If you put the default channel in your TV set as Discovery Channel rather than MTV


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