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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its about me

I am nowhere near perfect. I eat when I am bored.I fall for girls easily. I am vulnerable to believing lies. I am hoping that one day I won't need a fake smile. I live by quotes that explain exactly what I am going through (Even this one I have picked up from somewhere). I make up excuses for everything. I best friends and enemies. I have drama and memories....

Live it, Love it.... Learn from it.

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I am a student [Master of Design - Product Design and Engineering] at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I completed BTech (Mechanical Engineering) from NIT Silchar. My native place is Sipajhar, a small place with rich cultural heritage, in Assam. I am interested in designing products and systems for a better life. I like to collect quotes, read books,blog and surf net, dance and sing Bihu songs and write poems and articles. I don't like to talk while I am eating. But above all, I want to be happy all the time. Contact me at m2n037[at]gmail[dot]com
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