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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kill the Television - Am I doing it Right?

Kill the television - I am referring to the single piece of advice that Randy Pausch gave in his time management presentation at the CMU. This is really an advice that sounds important. And really.........

Now, I don't have any weakness about the TV. When I was a small child, we didn't have a TV in our home. My father was probably aware about the problems with the idiot box and he never allowed a TV till I passed out 12th. Now, even if I have a TV at home I don't feel any urge to watch TV.

And I am pretty happy because of that. Particularly, when I went through the presentation of Randy Pausch I thought that I already killed the television. But, actually, I DID NOT.

How ?

Well, I bought a laptop in the starting of the second year of my engineering and also availed a free internet connection from my college. And torrents, megaupload and most importantly the LAN helped me to download a lot o movies, series, videos etc.. and then came the HD prints. So, it was practically impossible to take my eyes of the laptop. Anyway, I also learned many stuff with the laptop right with me all the time. I also found out that we can download a lot of books, most of them are outrageously costly, from the internet for free. But that is not the point.

I started getting kinda addicted to movies and series. Naruto, Big Bang Theory, Prison Break, How I Met your Mother and FRIENDS (read awesome !!) took over my life. In the fifth semester I finished four seasons of How I Met your Mother in the break I got in the mid sem. And now, its Everybody Loves Raymond that is killing my time.

So, in retrospect, I did not kill the television. Just that, it came to my life in another form, the computer.

Think about it. Most of our life has already been taken over by the computer; in the form of internet and videos. And we thought we killed the television.


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