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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Worthless Bunch of Hypocrites

Scene 1: I am riding an almost two decade old bajaj super with two guys sitting behind me. Its an enjoyable ride, because when everybody in our generation is riding an apache, or another branded stylish bike, we were really looked at (and laughed at too) by people. Anyway, who gives a sh**. Suddenly, hamara bajaj makes a kinda different sound and stops in the middle of the road. I checked the tank, it is half filled with oil, so that is not a problem. I tried and then both my friends tried and tried, but it did not give us any response. I tried to start in reserve mode, and that was the limit of my engineering funda... Eventually, we pushed the scooter almost half a mile in the scorching heat of July to a workshop. The boy there, who was younger than me, tweaked a thing or two and it was okay all over again. I paid 20 bucks, and one of my friends completely wet with the sweat remarked, "what did you learn in engineering, that also in mechanical?"

Scene 2: Its really hot all through the daytime and I wanted to take a bath again in the evening. So I was pumping out water from the handpump we had at home. Suddenly, a washer or something got loose and the whole lever hand came out of the pipe like section. I took a wrench, opened it in the hope that since I know Turbomchinery, repairing a pump would be easy. After trying for half an hour, I called a plumber specialized in handpump (or as we call it Damkal) and got it repaired.

So, what the hell is my point ? You might all be wondering about that..

Well, I am a graduate in mechanical engineering from an NIT (an institution of national importance) and presently doing my masters in the best university in India. But one hamara bajaj and a handpump had it on me. My arrogance was shattered into pieces, I am no longer proud to say I'm from an NIT and now from IISc. May be, I am demeaning the status of the institutions I'm referring and really, I feel ashamed.

So, ain't people like me a worthless bunch of hypocrites?

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  1. Its really a very prudent point you put in here. Even in my workplace, I have to call the Technician or the Electrician each time something goes wrong with our Generator or the Motor Panel. But necessity really is the mother of all invention. Many a times, due to the situational necessity of the time, I have had to open up a pump or a valve all by myself. And such situations, however inconvinient, have helped me grow in that aspect a lot..:)



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